Supersport Videos


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From Factory to Owner,  Container Delivery Day.  We document the arrival of a container of Supersports from the factory and watch as they are offloaded and prepared for final assembly!

Jackson Stewart takes you through a track day event as a beginner. Supersport Track Day 101 shows the beginning driver just how easy and fun it can be to run a track day in the Supersport!

Stu Hayner takes the Supersport around the Big Track at Willow Springs Raceway in a fine lap of 1:28.740!

Chuck and Seth demonstrate the second seat kit in the Supersport.  Great option for taking family members, media personnel, or interested parties for a ride in the car.

 Kevin Clifford hot laps the Supersport around Atlanta Motorsports Park!

MotoIQ and Dai Yoshihara test and evaluate the Supersport!



John Meaney chases down a Porsche 911 after his fast lap of 1:31.661 at the Big Track, Willow Springs Raceway.



Customer Dane Moxlow test drives the Supersport on the Big Track at Willow Springs International Raceway 4-12-12.



The Supersport is run on the chassis dyno at Road Race Engineering.



Introducing the Supersport!