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News Update!

It has been a busy six weeks here at 999 Motorsports USA! We have finished work on a few minor but significant improvements to the Supersport.

We have completed a total redesign of the front and rear steering arms. The new design was manufactured and installed, along with upgraded toe link rod ends. The end result is a car that is much more confidence inspiring for novice and intermediate drivers.




Our long awaited Woodward Steering Rack arrived and has been installed. Along with the rack, a Woodward collapsable safety column, Woodward U-joints, and a Woodward Quick Disconnect steering wheel hub are now standard equipment on the Supersport.




The Hahn Mitsubishi Super 20G Turbo is installed on the Ecotec LNF engine. The engine has been run on the dyno and both the 300 hp and 400 hp tunes have been developed and run. The engine is making the rated horsepower much easier which will result in even greater reliability.



Call anytime to schedule your test drive, either here at Willow Spring Raceway or at your home track!



Hahn Super 20G Mitsubishi Turbo Installed

As we announced back in June, the Supersport now comes with the Hahn RaceCraft Super 20G Mitsubishi turbocharger as standard equipment.  This is a larger turbo than the stock GM LNF turbo and will allow the car to be run with the option of selecting the standard 300 horsepower tune or upgrade to a 400+ horsepower tune.

The new turbo fit beautifully into the existing engine and chassis layout of the Supersport.  Trifecta Performance is continuing to provide the tunes for both horsepower levels.

Now it’s off to the dyno next week!

Supersport Now Delivered with Larger Turbo

Feedback from customers and potential customers told us that upon recognizing the incredible potential of the Supersport they wanted the option of more horsepower.

Partnering with Hahn RaceCraft and our tuning partner Trifecta Performance, we have decided that delivering Supersports with the Hahn developed Super 20G Mitsubishi Turbo Upgrade both fulfills our mandate to maintain unbelievable reliability and offers customers the option to unlock some of the enormous power potential of the LNF 2.0 Ecotec turbo.

As delivered and used in the Supersport Spec Racing Series the Supersport will still make 300 RWHP.  This output level provides incredible reliability and low maintenance.  These traits are the cornerstones of the Supersport design.

Customers now may choose to give up some of that reliability to have 400+ RWHP available when desired.  999 Motorsports USA offers a $999.00 upgrade kit that allows a customer with a laptop to select either the standard 300 RWHP level or the 400+ RWHP level.  The change from one level to the other takes less than 20 minutes and customers can elect to change back and forth at will.

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