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Catch the Supersport at a Track Near You!


Jackson Stewart, owner of 999 Motorsports USA will be at each Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge race this year, engineering the Aston Martin Vantage for Automatic Racing. The Supersport will be touring with him at many of the races, with plans to demo the car at many motorsports country clubs and tracks along the way.

If you will be at any of the Grand Am races this year stop by the Automatic Racing trailer and talk Supersports with Jackson! If you would like to set up a demo day at your track please let us know. We will be posting our schedule soon!

Catch 1

The Supersport and the NA Car of the Year Cadillac ATS


The Supersport Shares it’s Heart with the 2013 North American Car of the Year Cadillac ATS!

Both the Supersport and the Cadillac ATS use variants of the highly refined General Motors Ecotec series of engines.

Cad 1

The Supersport’s 2.0L direct injected turbo engine with a bore and stroke of 86 mm, dubbed the LNF, is tuned to make 345 hp and 330 lb.-ft. torque.  The Ecotec in the Cadillac ATS sharing the same specifications, dubbed the LT6, is tuned for street use at 272 hp and 260 lb.-ft. torque.

Cad 2

The Ecotec engine family is a highly refined group of engines used world wide in a variety of vehicles by a variety of manufacturers. Featuring high specific output and robust construction the LNF has proven very reliable both in street use and in racing use, having been used in the highly successful Chevrolet Cobalt racing in Grand Am’s endurance series. The engine is the perfect choice to provide ample power and reliability to the Supersport!

Engine, Clutch, and Transmission Installation


After the cars are plumbed, wired, and the brakes and fuel cells added, the brand new General Motors 2.0 liter,turbocharged, direct injected LNF engine is installed in the car by our very experienced racing technicians.

Eng 1

Eng 2

Eng 3

Eng 4

We install an Aasco Performance lightweight aluminum flywheel and an Aasco Performance supplied heavy duty clutch.

Eng 5

Power is transmitted through the standard General Motors transaxle which is shifted by the sequential shifter.

Eng 6

An sequential dogbox is also available as an option when purchasing the car or as an upgrade at a later date.

Supersport Safety Part 2


In addition to the safety features of the chassis covered in an earlier post, driver safety and comfort are top priorities in the Supersport.  OMP USA products are used throughout the cockpit of the car.

SS part 2 1

Standard equipment on the Supersport is a very nice OMP USA HTE seat which provides good lateral support and head protection.  The seat is adjustable but is bolted in place to do away with unsafe sliding brackets.

SS part 2 2

We also use OMP USA seat belts which are designed for use with a HANS device.


The fire suppression system is also provided by OMP USA and is oversized. The bottle is mounted in the cockpit near the driver with the activation mechanism within easy reach on the dash.

SS part 2 4

The fire retardant is fed through five nozzles.  Two are in the cockpit pointed at the driver.

SS part 2 5

Three nozzles are directed in the engine compartment to quickly extinguish an engine fire.

SS part 2 6

All nozzles are fed through aluminum tubing for maximum protection.

SS part 2 7

An OMP steering wheel with a Woodward quick release hub mounted on a Woodward collapsible steering column provide good steering feel and safety.  In addition to the added safety features, the positioning of the driver in the middle of the car gives the maximum amount of crush zone around the driver in case of side impact.

Two Supersports Delivered to Atlanta Motorsports Park!


The first 3 Supersports completed in the US have now been delivered to their new owners!  Chassis numbers #007 and #010 were delivered to Jeremy Porter and John Daniel at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

First 3 1

First 3 2

First 3 3

Jeremy was very eager to get in a few laps before nightfall.

First 3 4

The next day both John and Jeremy took their new cars out onto the beautiful AMP track and were quickly up to speed.

First 3 5

First 3 6

First 3 7

First 3 8

First 3 9

First 3 10

First 3 11

After getting out of the car John declared the Supersport was the most fun he had ever had in any car! View the complete Photo Gallery HERE.

First Supersport Delivered to New Owner!

First delivered 1

999 Motorsports USA delivered the first US completed Supersport to new owner Calvin Kalishek on December 7th.  Calvin and brother Rob traveled from Sand Springs, Oklahoma to Rosamond, California to participate in the final assembly of chassis #008. Calvin’s choice of the Supersport was the result of an exhaustive two year research project covering many available high performance track day cars.

First delivered 2


First delivered 3


First delivered 4

Calvin was able to get hands on experience with bleeding brakes, setting the alignment, and learning the workings of the RLC Racing Digital Data Logger Dash.


First delivered 5

The car was set up for Calvin to run his home track, Hallett Motor Racing Circuit in Jennings, Oklahoma, a 1.7 mile circuit.


First delivered 6

Calvin, on the right, and his brother Rob enjoyed the unusually warm and fantastic weather that held the entire time they were here.


First delivered 7

The car was completed and rolled out into the night.  Calvin completed a brief test drive to check out all systems.


First delivered 8

After the successful test drive, the car was loaded on the trailer and Calvin and Rob headed out, intent on getting the new car into Cal’s garage as soon as possible. We believe the grin on his face was still there as he passed through Albuquerque!

We at 999 Motorsports USA would like to thank Calvin for his patience and firm belief that the Supersport was the car of his dreams. It was a pleasure getting to know both Calvin and Rob and we welcome them into the Supersport family!

Supersport Safety

Safety and quality are important aspects of the Supersport design and construction.

SS safety 1

Beginning with a clean sheet design the purpose built tube frame chassis is way over built, using over sized tubing and extensive gusseting. This creates a very safe and stiff drivers cockpit.

SS safety 2


SS safety 3

An FIA front nose crash box adds an additional level of safety during front end collisions.

SS safety 4


The rear tubular support structure for the rear bumper cover provides rear end crash protection as well as a solid mounting point for the rear wing and tow hook.

With the center seat design which provides for considerable side impact space the overall result is one of the truly safest race cars available today.


Fuel Safe Fuel Cell Installation

Safety and quality are two hallmarks of the Supersport. We use a Fuel Safe FIA FT3 Certified fuel cell in all Supersports.

The custom made bladder assembly includes an in-cell fuel pump, and a fuel level probe using a custom made access plate. The cell holds 14.5 gallons.

The fuel cell is also compatible with not only pump gas and racing gas but also E85 which is used to fuel our higher horsepower engine tuning option.

The fuel cell is mounted in a custom aluminum enclosure including a double wall filler assembly.


The standard filler cap uses a 1/4 turn latch assembly mounted in a standard size plate which can accommodate double dry brake assemblies for endurance racing.

Plumbing and Wiring the Supersport

Plumbing and wiring are commonly overlooked details that ultimately show up as reliability issues if not done properly.

On the Supersport we use factory assembled premade hoses from Goodridge USA. All Goodridge hoses use crimped fittings and are pressure tested before being packaged in kits for assembly on the Supersport.


Even the brake lines are manufactured by Goodridge USA using the highest quality components.

Wiring when done properly can be ultimately reliable. How often have you heard of a DNF caused by the proverbial 25 cent connector? All the wiring on the Supersport is carefully assembled using Delphi GT280 series connectors and all harnesses are heat shrink sleeved.

The harness for the RLC Datalogger Dash is custom made by RLC for the Supersport and is also constructed of the highest quality heat shrink and Deutsch DT Series connectors.

All of this makes for true plug and play serviceability and a very reliable package.

Wilwood Brakes

An important aspect of the Supersport is the use of high quality products, many of which are manufactured in the United States.

Assembling the Supersport in the US we add a complete Wilwood brake package. The package uses massive 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rear calipers.

The floor mounted adjustable pedal assembly uses a dual master cylinder set up, also from Wilwood, that provides driver adjustability of the brake bias.

We also choose to use a very affordable brake pad package from Wilwood that is proving to offer very long wear with mininal wear to the rotors.

The overall feeling when driving the Supersport is that the brakes are simply phenomenal!


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