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Supersport Mk2 Rotating Weight Improvements


There is an old adage in racing concerning parts weight that goes like this, “Light, strong, cheap, you can only pick two”. The Supersport having been designed with strength and safety as the main priorities was admittedly not the lightest car on the market.  At approximately 2300 pounds it is lighter than the IMSA GT cars so it is not heavy by any stretch.  Rotating weight is an area of particular concern on any race car.  The energy required to speed up or slow down the rotating weight can have a measurable effect on overall performance.

Two areas that have received particular attention in developing the Supersport Mk2 are the brake rotor and wheel combination and the clutch and flywheel package.



First the brakes.  Everybody that has driven the Supersport has been impressed with the braking performance.  The large 6 piston Wilwood front calipers and the 4 piston Wilwood rear calipers provide plenty of stopping power.  Brake control is positive and no fading was ever experienced.  The one fault that appeared was premature rear rotor wear.  We decided to improve the brakes by using Wilwood’s Premium Spec 37 iron discs mounted on aluminum hats. The new Wilwood discs are a very high quality material providing better cooling and have the added benefit of being lighter than the original rotors previously used. The front rotors are 4.8 pounds lighter and the rears are 2.2 pounds lighter.  Coupled with the new larger but lighter wheels the total savings in rotating weight is 15.8 pounds.  This savings has a cost but we chose light and strong over inexpensive and heavy.



Secondly, the clutch and flywheel.  With the change to the 3 MO Performance transmission a change to the clutch and flywheel was necessary.  The original OE flywheel on the LNF engine weighed a whopping 32.4 pounds.  We had already changed to an aluminum flywheel that with the OE type clutch brought the weight down to 21.6 pounds.  Now by again choosing strong and light over inexpensive and heavy the new one piece steel racing flywheel and Alcon clutch weigh only 14.4 pounds. This weight savings is all rotating weight at engine speeds.  The huge reduction in MOI will have a measurable effect on the performance of the Supersport Mk2.

The final touches are being put on the Supersport Mk2. Appointments to test drive this amazing new car are available!


Supersport Mk2 Development Update

The Mk2 development of the Supersport started with the need to improve the driving experience and do away with the unsatisfactory shifting and performance caused by the OE GM 5 speed synchromesh transmission.

With the decision to switch to a proper racing transmission, the 3MOP dog engaged sequentially shifted 6 speed, it only made sense to include no lift upshifts which lead to auto blip downshifts, and then paddle shift controls. There was no way this could be achieved with the OE electronics. We began our search for a true race quality ECU. After several starts and stops we have selected Life Racing to be our electronics technical partner and supplier. Life Racing is represented in the US by Chris Muzio at DanZio Performance. Chris is proving to be our ideal partner. His expertise with the Life Racing products is giving us results exceeding our expectations.

While our search for better electronics was taking place, other suppliers were continuing development on the Ecotec platform. We made the decision to change our engine supplier to ZZ Performance. ZZ Performance had begun to offer a new Gen III version of the LNF engine that has been the heart of the Supersport. The new European sourced engine uses a stronger block for more reliability, larger injectors, and a revised fuel rail. ZZ Performance adds a Borg Warner EFR turbo custom fitted to the engine and we add the ZZ Performance reground fuel pump cam to boost GDI pump output. This combination when coupled to the Life Racing ECU takes our power plant to a whole new level. We have developed two tunes which will be easily selected and included with each Supersport Mk2. The base tune running premium pump gas produced 360 hp at 6500 rpm and 305 lb./ft. of torque at 4700 rpm. The high output tune which requires using VP MS-109 fuel makes 430 hp at 6400 rpm and 385 lb./ft. at 5000 rpm. Both tunes are incredibly safe with a large margin of safety. The engine simply runs and feels like a true race engine while still being easy to operate while driving around the pits.

The Life Racing ECU is also handling the transmission control commanded by the new XAP Electronique steering wheel, fitted with carbon paddles actuated by the XAP E-Shift 2 electronic actuator. This new package using these top of the line racing suppliers is giving the Supersport Mk2 the feel of driving a highly refined true GT race car.

“Performance on par with a GT3 Super Cup car for less than half the price and 10 cents on the dollar costs to operate” is our mantra for 999 Motorsports USA. The Supersport Mk2 is achieving our goals.

Test drives for prospective buyers begin at the end of July. Contact 999 Motorsports USA to experience the thrill of our year long project, offering the best driving experience and the best value in racing.



All New Supersport Paint Booth!

Previously we have not offered paint as an option when purchasing the Supersport. Now we have added the Paint Booth!  View the Supersport in one of 7 vibrant base colors. Then, take a look at our 2 standard paint schemes, the Simple and the Wedge, both utilizing your choice of 2 standard stripe colors.  We show each scheme in 3 popular base/stripe combinations.  Like the look but want to see it in a different base/stripe combination? Just send us an email and we will send back the rendered Front, Back, and Side views of your color choice. Both schemes were designed to leave plenty of room for numbers and sponsor logos on the entire car.  Either standard paint scheme can be added to your order for $2,995!

Simple Scheme in Blue, with Yellow and White stripes

Wedge Scheme in Red with Black and Silver stripes

Wedge Scheme with added decals and numbers

Of course, we are happy to paint any custom scheme that you have in mind. Price will be quoted upon receipt of the design. We will render your scheme on the Supersport and send you the views before you commit to paint.

The Supersport is delivered in a paintable grey finish ready for wrapping or paint. Now you are able to save yourself the trouble of finding a painter and deciding on a scheme!

View the Paint Booth now and visualize your Supersport!

Supersport Runs Road America!

Supersport owner Cal Kalishek loaded up his car and traveled to Road America for three fun days running the iconic three mile track located in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  Cal’s brothers Rob and Charlie and Rob’s sons Nick and Kurt all brought their track day cars, making it a family reunion as well!

Cal choose to run with Group 2, a V-8 powered group so that he could run against his brother in an ex-Bondurant Mustang Cobra. He reported that there were three Cobra kit cars in the group and the Supersport blew the doors off of each one of them. As Cal put it “Three days of high speed thrashing around Road America’s three miles turned out great!”.

Needless to say, it’s great to see Supersport owners out running hard for three days and having a great time!

Road America 1 horiz


Road America 2

Supersport Spec Series in Asia!

999 Motorsports Asia has announced  Supersport Grand Touring Thailand (Supersport GTT) will be a spec class for Supersports and will run with the Pro Racing Series Championship in 2014!

“In  2014, Supersport Grand Touring Thailand (GTT) will be one of the competition series in the Pro Racing Series Thailand Championship, Thailand’s most prestigious motor sports event established in 2009 that includes all types of professional car racing classes such as Production Car, Production Truck and Touring Car 2000 CC.

SUPERSPORT GTT will be a competition based on a strict one make spec series concept. Strict adherence to “as delivered” specifications in both the Sprint and Endurance formats and will eliminate expensive up-grades and modifications to the cars. Our professional team is pleased to provide full information and consulting for clients who are interested in racing. Full parts and tech support also will be provided.”

With the Race of Champions being held in Bangkok in December of 2013 and using the Supersport as one of the cars, we predict the spec series will be a very popular class!

Supersport Demo at The Thermal Club!

999 Motorsports USA was invited to demonstrate the Supersport at the brand new, very impressive Thermal Club, the world’s premier private motorsports facility! They were holding their first member track introduction day.  The first phase of the track was completed and members and guests were eager to test their skills.  We brought the Supersport out to give the members a chance to see how a real race car handles the track.

on track

track configuration

The 1.8 mile South Palm Circuit is the portion of the Alan Wilson designed track that is completed.  All reports were that it was a very fun track!

thermalThe Thermal Club gave a presentation on the Villas and a preview of the next phases that will be completed at this amazing facility.

lunchA full hot cooked to order breakfast was served, as well as a multi-course lunch! No one went hungry at The Thermal Club!

Tuning Garage

Plans and architectural drawings were shown for many of the planned facilities.  Above is the Tuning Garage.  They will have an onsite car prep and maintenance facility as well as car storage.  Each member will have a Villa, with multi-car garages integral to the Villa. Nice!

supersport 1We would like to thank Dave Jenkins and his entire organization for the opportunity to show our car at their beautiful emerging facility! The Supersport generated a lot of interest and is the perfect car for this type of location.  The Thermal Club plans to have a regular weekly racing schedule in place and the Supersport is the ideal car for this.  Members will be able to get hours of quality seat time in a real GT race car, hone and develop their skills, all for very low cost per mile. The Supersport is designed as a one make spec race car and we are happy that The Thermal Club is looking to the Supersport to provide this type of exciting racing at their track.

Go to www.thethermalclub.com for complete information on how to become a part of this gem in the Palm Springs, California area!

Having Fun at Hallett Motor Speedway!

Supersport owner Cal Kalishek took his Supersport out for a run on his home track, Hallett Motor Speedway in Jennings, Oklahoma. He reported “First track day with chassis #008. Can easily run with V8 powered street cars. Still more potential in chassis, suspension, and engine. Need to sharpen my skills to take advantage of all 999 Supersport has to offer. >8O”.

We are excited to see owners beginning to really experience and enjoy the Supersport. Cal has been invited to run with the Comma Series in wheel to wheel racing at his next outing but has decided to run a couple more High Speed Touring days before stepping up. His next outing will be in mid June with the Midwest Ford Shelby Club.

View the photo gallery HERE.

Great Paint Job!

Supersport owner Jeremy Porter has put a fantastic paint job on his new car! Jeremy, owner of Atlanta Motorsports Park, took delivery of his Supersport in December.   Much thought was put into the design and color selections to accent both the lines of the Supersport and the corporate colors of Atlanta Motorsports Park.

Test Drives can be scheduled with Jeremy at his beautiful new track.  For complete information about the Test Drive Program,  click HERE.



In addition to our usual on track videos, we have added a new video catagory, Garage Videos!  We will be covering service and maintenance topics, aimed mostly at Supersport owners.  Covering topics such as Aligning the Supersport, we will provide a knowledge base and reference tool for Supersport owners.

Next up will be videos covering topics such as Bleeding the Brakes, Properly Jacking Up the Supersport, Setting Up the RLC Dash, Adjusting the Seat and Pedal Positions, and much, much, more.

Take a look at the first in our series, Aligning the Supersport.

Race the Supersport on Your iPhone!

Race the Supersport on your iPhone or iPad! Download the Race Of Champions World Lite app (the new one) and start racing! Upgrade to the new Race Of Champions World app ($2.99) and select the Supersport to race real and fantasy tracks.

The Supersport will be a featured car in the 2013 running of the Race of Champions in Bangkok, Thailand. Get some practice laps in now!

“Take your chance to beat the greatest racers of motor sports in the official Race Of Champions cars and venues! Test your driving skills through a series of head-to-head races in identical cars on a parallel track, as seen in the actual ROC events.

Race Of Champions World, the sequel to Race Of Champions, brings back all the excitement from the first game and loads of new features.”

Race Of Champions World features:

• 4 new venues, including 3 imaginary ROC tracks situated in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

• 2 new officially licensed ROC race cars: the Artega GT and the Supersport GT.

• Paddock to customize cars

• Driver’s Lounge to create your own avatar.

• Drive with the official cars and tracks of the event to be the best in the Championship, Duel and Challenge modes



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