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MotoIQ.com Indepth Supersport Review!

Mike Kojima and Dai Yoshihara came to Willow Springs Raceway to evaluate and test drive the Supersport.  The indepth article, complete with detailed photographs of all aspects of the car is now up! Go to MotoIQ.com to read the complete story!



The Supersport Takes On Chuckwalla Valley Raceway!

999 Motorsports USA received an invitation from the owners of the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway to attend one of their Members Get Members Events to demo the Supersport for their members.  What a great facility they have built in the desert, about one hour east of Palm Springs.  Most people think the track is in the middle of nowhere, but as they like to say it is in the middle of everywhere!  3 hours from Los Angeles, 3 hours from Las Vegas, and 3 hours from Phoenix.  We were really lucky to find beautiful 80 degree temps and zero wind.  The hospitality shown to us was just fantastic.  Friendly, interested members, a very tasty catered lunch, and a fun track made for a great day. Do yourself a favor and check out their website, www.chuckwallavalleyraceway.com, or better yet go out to the track!  Thank you Chuckwalla, we will be back soon.

In addition to introducing the car to the members and guests, we used this opportunity to further fine tune the set-up on the car.  Changes that our professional driver Stu Hayner had requested were completed and the Supersport was ready to go again.  Stu took to the track and was immediately happy.  Much easier to drive, much better feedback, and much,much more mechanical grip made Stu a happy driver.  ” This car was fun to drive right out of the box, but now it is great and I feel very comfortable pushing it.  It is giving me much better feedback and I feel that it is now ready for anyone to jump into the drivers seat and really enjoy this full on, real racecar”, said Stu.


Steve Ruiz of Stop Tech and his sons were attending the Members day, running their car on the twisty 17 turn course.  Son Steven decided to take the Supersport out for a test drive and was very enthusiastic about the car.  “This is a FUN car!!” summed up his feedback! If time had permitted he would still be out there, but several  members had requested a test drive and the line was getting long.

Because some members did not get a chance to demo the Supersport we will be taking it back to Chuckwalla in the near future to give everyone who wants to a chance to get into the car.  Next up we have scheduled test drives coming up  at our home track of Willow Springs International Raceway.

Check out the Photo Gallery from Chuckwalla Valley Raceway HERE.



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