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Atlanta Motorsports Park

999 Motorsports Visits AMP to Tune and Service Supersports



Jackson and Melinda Stewart of 999 Motorsports visited Atlanta Motorsports Park April 9-14th, 2013 to tune and service the Supersports bought by customers at that track.


Over the last few months data collected by the owners Jeremy Porter and John Daniel showed that the AMP track requires a different chassis tune than the development tracks used in the west.  Each car received a new spring package and complete re-set-up of all the suspension settings.


The cars had an opportunity to briefly run together on Thursday.  Some additional adjustments were made for the Saturday Member Day, with Jeremy Porter setting a new fast lap for a Supersport at 1:26.50. When exiting the car Jeremy exclaimed “This car is freaking awesome!”.  Although not quite as experienced as Jeremy with race cars and karts, John was amazed at what a difference a relatively small amount of tuning changes could make in a real race car.  “It’s just a day and night difference in the way the car handles and drives” he said upon exiting the car after the first session.


Jackson was extremely happy with how well the Supersports responded to set-up changes and given how predictable the cars are is very confident that it will be easy for customers to tune and extract the maximum performance from the car at their home tracks.


It was really fun to watch the two cars on track together, kicking butt on cars costing many thousands of dollars more! Melinda Stewart, photographer for 999 Motorsports USA, was amazed once again at how fun the atmosphere and people at the track are and also how beautiful the setting is. The progress they have made with their facility in the last few months was exciting to see.


View the full Photo Gallery of the cars at Atlanta Motorsports Park HERE.


If you are in the neighborhood, stop by Atlanta Motorsports Park, located in Dawsonville GA, (also home to Awesome Bill from Dawsonville!).  Jeremy Porter will be happy to arrange a test drive of the Supersport at his track. For full test driving info click HERE.



Great Paint Job!

Supersport owner Jeremy Porter has put a fantastic paint job on his new car! Jeremy, owner of Atlanta Motorsports Park, took delivery of his Supersport in December.   Much thought was put into the design and color selections to accent both the lines of the Supersport and the corporate colors of Atlanta Motorsports Park.

Test Drives can be scheduled with Jeremy at his beautiful new track.  For complete information about the Test Drive Program,  click HERE.


Two Supersports Delivered to Atlanta Motorsports Park!


The first 3 Supersports completed in the US have now been delivered to their new owners!  Chassis numbers #007 and #010 were delivered to Jeremy Porter and John Daniel at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

First 3 1

First 3 2

First 3 3

Jeremy was very eager to get in a few laps before nightfall.

First 3 4

The next day both John and Jeremy took their new cars out onto the beautiful AMP track and were quickly up to speed.

First 3 5

First 3 6

First 3 7

First 3 8

First 3 9

First 3 10

First 3 11

After getting out of the car John declared the Supersport was the most fun he had ever had in any car! View the complete Photo Gallery HERE.

The Supersport Visits Atlanta Motorsports Park!

999 Motorsports USA was invited by Jeremy Porter, owner of the brand new Atlanta Motorsports Park, to bring the Supersport to the track and demo it over the Memorial Day weekend. His Motorsports country club members were very interested in the Supersport and how it would perform at the new track. We arrived Saturday morning to a large crowd gathered to see the car! We unloaded it, and had pro driver David Murry take the Supersport out for some recon laps to check the set up for the new track. A few adjustments were made and the demo rides began!

Over 20 members climbed in the cockpit over the three days to feel for themselves the thrill of the Supersport! Many members were not satisfied with just one drive, but jumped in again when the line permitted. A good number of the members had no experience in a true racecar, so they took a little extra time to get the feel of the car. Everyone, from novice to experienced racer emerged from the cockpit sweaty but with a huge grin on their face! Member Kevin Clifford, an experienced pro level racer, was able to really put the Supersport through it’s paces recording a fast lap of 1:29.127.

The track is located about 50 miles north of Atlanta and when finished will be a wonderful destination. Plans include a clubhouse, pool, tennis court, in addition to over 200 member garages. The track itself is a technical 16 turns, with a huge amount of elevation changes. The pine woods of Georgia provide a beautiful setting for this family oriented facility.

Jeremy Porter has purchased a Supersport for himself and expects to see many more members racing each other around the track in their own Supersports! It is truly the perfect car for this application. We were able to run the car all day for three consecutive days, doing nothing more than adding fuel and doing a nut and bolt check each evening. Over 500 miles were put on the tires before the right rear started to show too much wear. The car is built to run all day, put it away, run all day, put away, and repeat. Andy Gilberg, a member with considerable racing experience in both modern and vintage racing, found it amazing that the car ran reliably for three solid days. Race cars never do that but this one does!

999 Motorsports USA would like to sincerely thank Jeremy Porter and his entire staff at the Atlanta Motorsports Park for inviting us to his fine facility. For complete information on the track, go to www.atlantamotorsportspark.net.

View the Photo Gallery from AMP HERE. View the video of Kevin Cliffords fast lap HERE.



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