Supersport Safety Part 2


In addition to the safety features of the chassis covered in an earlier post, driver safety and comfort are top priorities in the Supersport.  OMP USA products are used throughout the cockpit of the car.

SS part 2 1

Standard equipment on the Supersport is a very nice OMP USA HTE seat which provides good lateral support and head protection.  The seat is adjustable but is bolted in place to do away with unsafe sliding brackets.

SS part 2 2

We also use OMP USA seat belts which are designed for use with a HANS device.


The fire suppression system is also provided by OMP USA and is oversized. The bottle is mounted in the cockpit near the driver with the activation mechanism within easy reach on the dash.

SS part 2 4

The fire retardant is fed through five nozzles.  Two are in the cockpit pointed at the driver.

SS part 2 5

Three nozzles are directed in the engine compartment to quickly extinguish an engine fire.

SS part 2 6

All nozzles are fed through aluminum tubing for maximum protection.

SS part 2 7

An OMP steering wheel with a Woodward quick release hub mounted on a Woodward collapsible steering column provide good steering feel and safety.  In addition to the added safety features, the positioning of the driver in the middle of the car gives the maximum amount of crush zone around the driver in case of side impact.



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