Supersport Mk2 Development Update

The Mk2 development of the Supersport started with the need to improve the driving experience and do away with the unsatisfactory shifting and performance caused by the OE GM 5 speed synchromesh transmission.

With the decision to switch to a proper racing transmission, the 3MOP dog engaged sequentially shifted 6 speed, it only made sense to include no lift upshifts which lead to auto blip downshifts, and then paddle shift controls. There was no way this could be achieved with the OE electronics. We began our search for a true race quality ECU. After several starts and stops we have selected Life Racing to be our electronics technical partner and supplier. Life Racing is represented in the US by Chris Muzio at DanZio Performance. Chris is proving to be our ideal partner. His expertise with the Life Racing products is giving us results exceeding our expectations.

While our search for better electronics was taking place, other suppliers were continuing development on the Ecotec platform. We made the decision to change our engine supplier to ZZ Performance. ZZ Performance had begun to offer a new Gen III version of the LNF engine that has been the heart of the Supersport. The new European sourced engine uses a stronger block for more reliability, larger injectors, and a revised fuel rail. ZZ Performance adds a Borg Warner EFR turbo custom fitted to the engine and we add the ZZ Performance reground fuel pump cam to boost GDI pump output. This combination when coupled to the Life Racing ECU takes our power plant to a whole new level. We have developed two tunes which will be easily selected and included with each Supersport Mk2. The base tune running premium pump gas produced 360 hp at 6500 rpm and 305 lb./ft. of torque at 4700 rpm. The high output tune which requires using VP MS-109 fuel makes 430 hp at 6400 rpm and 385 lb./ft. at 5000 rpm. Both tunes are incredibly safe with a large margin of safety. The engine simply runs and feels like a true race engine while still being easy to operate while driving around the pits.

The Life Racing ECU is also handling the transmission control commanded by the new XAP Electronique steering wheel, fitted with carbon paddles actuated by the XAP E-Shift 2 electronic actuator. This new package using these top of the line racing suppliers is giving the Supersport Mk2 the feel of driving a highly refined true GT race car.

“Performance on par with a GT3 Super Cup car for less than half the price and 10 cents on the dollar costs to operate” is our mantra for 999 Motorsports USA. The Supersport Mk2 is achieving our goals.

Test drives for prospective buyers begin at the end of July. Contact 999 Motorsports USA to experience the thrill of our year long project, offering the best driving experience and the best value in racing.





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