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Supersport Race Car, complete and race ready. $69,500
The Supersport comes truly race ready, delivered to Rosamond California.  At the time of purchase you will be able to specify any options you may wish to add, and make shipping arrangements.  




Cool Suit, 10 quart system, including 1 shirt. $450 installed.

10 quart cooler provides cool water to the shirt.  Lasts 2+ hours.

Cool Suit and Helmet Air System, 12 quart system, including 1 shirt. $1,150 installed.

12 quart cooler provides temperature controlled cool air to the helmet and cool water to the shirt. Lasts 3+ hours.

Powered Driver Drink Bottle. $150 installed.
Powered drink bottle allows the driver to drink by pushing the button on the steering wheel.




400+ Rear Wheel Horse Power Upgrade Kit for the Supersport. $999
Kit includes a cable and tune.  Must have a laptop computer to use this upgrade.  Once installed the user can switch between the standard 300 RWHP level tune and the 400+ RWHP level tune at will.  Requires approximately 20 minutes to switch between levels. Please note that utilizing the higher horsepower tune will result in reduced overall reliability due to higher loads and stresses on the car.
3mo Dog Type 5 Speed Racing Transmission. $9,900 ordered w/car, $14,000 upgrade to existing car.

3mo 5 speed sequentially shifted dog box racing transmission.  Includes racing clutch and flywheel and racing differential.  Interchangeable ratios available.







Please call our office at 661 256-7870 or cell phone at 661 992-2390 to discuss your purchase.  We will go over any options you may choose as well as shipping arrangements and delivery time estimates.  We then overnight you a Purchase Order to be filled out, signed, and returned to us. It is that easy!  View the Purchase Order, with the deposit schedule HERE, but please understand we must send you an original and it must be signed and returned.

If you have any questions please call our offices anytime or email Jackson Stewart, [email protected].