Our most Frequently Asked Questions about the new Supersport!  Still have a question?  Call the office 661 256-7870 days, or 661 992-2390 evenings and weekends.


QWhat car is the Supersport based on?

AThe Supersport is a purpose designed and built, from the ground up racecar.  It is not based on any production vehicle.


QWait, I recognize those headlights!

AThe design team utilized the headlights from a Mitsubishi Evo and the tail lights from a Mazda 3, but the rest of the car is all Supersport!


QHow much does it weigh?

AThe wet weight, no fuel, is 2200 pounds.


QHow much horsepower does it have?

AThe GM Ecotec 2.0L turbocharged direct injected motor is tuned to 300 horsepower.  Available as an option is the 400+ RWHP Tune. This gives the owner the ability to switch between the standard 300 RWHP tune to the 400+ RWHP tune at will.


QCan I purchase the Supersport as a kit?

ANo.  All Supersports are as identical as possible to insure an equal playing field for our Supersport Spec Series, which will be implemented in 2013.


QWhere is the Supersport manufactured?

AThe Supersport is designed and manufactured at 999 Motorsports, Ltd. in Bangkok Thailand.  The car is imported and assembled in Rosamond California by 999 Motorsports USA.


QWhy is the seat in the center of the car?

AIn all real racecars the driver is placed in the center of the car!  This is for optimum weight distribution and balance.  An added benefit to the placement is the increased distance to the driver in side impact situations, making the Supersport even safer.


QCan I add a second seat?

AYes!  A second seat kit is an option for the Supersport.  It mounts to the left and aft of the drivers seat and is perfect for the girlfriend, wife, kid, coach ride alongs.


QWhere can I race this car?

AIn 2012, the North American Road Racing Association will be hosting the Supersport National Championship. We are currently developing the Supersport Series and plan to implement this spec series in 2013.  Regionally, the Supersport is eligible to run with the STR2 class in NASA. Additionally, the Supersport is the perfect track day and motorsports countryclub racecar.


QDo all Supersports come red, white, and black?

AAll Supersports are delivered in white gelcoat, ready for your personal paint or wrap job.  If you want us to paint or wrap your Supersport for you inquire at the time of purchase.


QOnce I purchase my Supersport what is the delivery time?

A Right now, delivery time is approximately 16 weeks from receipt of deposit.  As more cars enter the pipeline, the delivery time will shorten considerably.


QWhat about replacement parts and repairs?

A999 Motorsports USA in Rosamond California stocks a complete inventory of parts for the Supersport.  Right now the parts catalog is up on the website and we will soon add prices and online buying capability. Because the Supersport utilizes a stock GM powerplant engine costs and repairs are very inexpensive.  A complete engine is less than $4,000.00. Economical production costs in Thailand have resulted in very inexpensive replacement costs on all parts. Our facility is set up to do any and all repairs to your Supersport and we are setting up repair facilities in Texas and Florida.


QSince the engine is turbocharged in the Supersport is it reliable?

AThe engine is the GM Ecotec 2.0L LNF.  This is the OE engine in the 2008-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS.  In the Cobalt and other GM cars the engine puts out 260 hp.  GM offers a Turbo Upgrade Kit that increases power to 290 hp and 340 lb/ft of torque.  GM still honors the factory warranty after the upgrade kit is installed.  Obviously the warranty does not apply to use in a race vehicle but that shows this is a very mild tune that GM has complete confidence in.


QHow much does it cost?

AThe Supersport is $69,500.00 ready to race, delivered to Rosamond California.  Ready to race means take it to the track, add your fuel, check tire pressures, get in, start, and go.  Buyers picking up their Supersports at our facility will also have the opportunity to get checked out and comfortable in the car at our home track Willow Springs Raceway if they so desire.


QCan I try before I buy?

AOf course.  We don’t expect you to buy without a test drive.  Click on the Test Drive page of the website for complete information on how to set up a test drive.  The Test Drive fee is applied to the purchase price when you buy your car, and after 1 test drive we’re confident you”ll buy a car!


QWhat is the Supersport GTX that I hear rumors about?

AThe Supersport GTX is designed to compete head to head against a Porsche GT3 Supercup car.  The GTX is 400 pounds lighter than the Porsche, has equal  horsepower, more aero, and a stiffer and safer chassis for half the price.  It will be available for delivery in the Fall of 2012.