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All Supersport Mk2s are delivered with an unpainted finish. As an option, 999 Motorsports USA offers a choice of two standard paint schemes, the Simple and the Wedge.  Choose one of seven vibrant colors for the base color. Then choose two stripe colors from our palate of nine colors.  Both designs leave plenty of room for numbers and sponsor decals. Click on the base color images below to view the most popular color combinations in each design.  Standard paint schemes are offered at $2,995.

Of course, custom paint schemes are available, priced according to your design.




Supersport Mk2 in Green with Black and Silver stripes.


Supersport Mk2 in Yellow with Black and White stripes.


Click on each base color below to view the Supersport Mk2 in the Simple and Wedge schemes rendered using the most popular stripe color combinations.




As customers paint their cars we will post the examples on the Custom Paint Schemes page.  Click any image below to view the paint schemes chosen so far.