All New Supersport Paint Booth!

Previously we have not offered paint as an option when purchasing the Supersport. Now we have added the Paint Booth!  View the Supersport in one of 7 vibrant base colors. Then, take a look at our 2 standard paint schemes, the Simple and the Wedge, both utilizing your choice of 2 standard stripe colors.  We show each scheme in 3 popular base/stripe combinations.  Like the look but want to see it in a different base/stripe combination? Just send us an email and we will send back the rendered Front, Back, and Side views of your color choice. Both schemes were designed to leave plenty of room for numbers and sponsor logos on the entire car.  Either standard paint scheme can be added to your order for $2,995!

Simple Scheme in Blue, with Yellow and White stripes

Wedge Scheme in Red with Black and Silver stripes

Wedge Scheme with added decals and numbers

Of course, we are happy to paint any custom scheme that you have in mind. Price will be quoted upon receipt of the design. We will render your scheme on the Supersport and send you the views before you commit to paint.

The Supersport is delivered in a paintable grey finish ready for wrapping or paint. Now you are able to save yourself the trouble of finding a painter and deciding on a scheme!

View the Paint Booth now and visualize your Supersport!



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