Plumbing and Wiring the Supersport


Plumbing and wiring are commonly overlooked details that ultimately show up as reliability issues if not done properly.

On the Supersport we use factory assembled premade hoses from Goodridge USA.  All Goodridge hoses use crimped fittings and are pressure tested before being packaged in kits for assembly on the Supersport.


Even the brake lines are manufactured by Goodridge USA using the highest quality components.

Wiring when done properly can be ultimately reliable.  How often have you heard of a DNF caused by the proverbial 25 cent connector?  All the wiring on the Supersport is carefully assembled using Delphi GT280 series connectors and all harnesses are heat shrinked sleeved.

The harness for the RLC Datalogger Dash is custom made by RLC for the Supersport and is also constructed of the highest quality heat shrink and Deutsch DT Series connectors.

All of this makes for true plug and play serviceability and a very reliable package.

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