Brand new GM Ecotec Engines

The Supersports have arrived from the factory at 999 Motorsports. We will take you through the steps that 999 Motorsports USA goes through to complete the cars and deliver them to their new owners.

The powerplant is the General Motors Ecotec 2.0 liter LNF engine.  We use brand new, from the factory engines in our cars. The photo shows the three engines and transmissions as they are uncrated and awaiting final prep and installation.

A potential customer toured our facility, saw the engines lined up and commented that he assumed we would be using junkyard engines, not brand new powerplants. All the components used on the Supersport are brand new, from the factory parts. Even the bolts used to attach the accessories to the engine are General Motors OEM bolts, ordered by the GM part number. We could save a bunch of money buying bolts from the national giant hardware supplier but they would not be exactly what is called for by General Motors.

As we proceed through the assembly process we will show the high level of quality of parts as well as quality of construction of the Supersport!




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