Supersport 1000 Track Miles Report

Supersport chassis 005, the 999 Motorsports USA demo car, has now run over 1000 miles.  Forty or so different people have driven the car.  Aside from a few teething problems mostly associated with the use of the GM LNF engine in a stand alone application, the Supersport has been totally reliable.

One area that did cause an issue was the rear steering arms and toe links.  The parts are being redesigned and the specification of the toe link rod ends has been improved to permanently correct the issue.

The following are the consumables that were used during this first 1000 miles of track use:


As tires wore lap times were unusually consistent.  2 sets of tires were used for a total cost of $2,850.00


The Supersport is getting 5.18 miles per gallon average.  Fuel cost was $4.299/gallon using 91 octane pump gas.  Total fuel cost $829.71


Front pads were 85% consumed and rear pads are about 15% consumed.  Rotors look brand new.  Total cost of one set of front pads was $180.00

We are a bit overkill when it comes to brake bleeding, but we still only used 2 bottles of Wilwood fluid and always had a firm brake pedal. Never experienced any fade or fluid boiling.  Total cost of fluid $40.50


After tuning issues were corrected the engine has run over 600 miles flawlessly, needing only an oil and filter change.  We use Mobil 1.  The engine did not use any oil or develop any leaks. Total cost of oil and filter $66.93.


The transmission has performed perfectly and when we changed the oil the magnet was clean and the oil looked good and clean.  We use Redline MT90.  Total cost of oil $26.97.


The total cost for all consumables was $3994.11.  Tires have accounted for about 70% of the total expense of running the car 1000 miles.  The cost per mile is $3.99.  The cost per hour, averaging 80 miles per hour, is $319.52.

After a thorough clean up and inspection the car still appears new.

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