Pro Driver Stu Hayner Tests the Supersport!

Wednesday, January 18th professional driver Stu Hayner took the Supersport on track at Willow Springs to put it through it’s paces and conduct a thorough evaluation of every aspect of the car.

Stu ran laps for about 80 miles around the high speed Big Willow course with absolutely no issues and total reliability.   ” The car is really fun to drive.  I identified a couple of minor chassis tuning items that the crew will work on before I take it out again next week” said Hayner.

Undeniably a head-turner, the Supersport attracts a lot of attention every time it hits the track.  Many participants of the OTR Track Day investigated the new car up close!  Click HERE to see the Photo Gallery of the test day with Stu Hayner.

Stay tuned for the next update after continued testing at Big Willow next week.


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