Cool Suit with 10 Quart System and 1 Shirt

10 quart cooler provides cool water to the shirt. Lasts 2+ hours. System price includes installation in the car.

cool suit

Part # Description Price
A-D001 10 Qt. Cool Suit with shirt, installed. $450.00


Cool Suit ,12 Quart System with Helmet Air and 1 Shirt

12 quart cooler provides temperature controlled cool air to the helmet and cool water to the shirt. Lasts 3+ hours. System price includes installation in the car.

Pro Air & Water System

Part # Description Price
A-D002 12 Qt. Cool Suit and Helmet Air with shirt, installed $1150.00

Powered Drink Bottle

Powered drink bottle allows the driver to drink by pushing the button on the steering wheel. Installed in car.

Part # Description Price
A-D003 Powered Drink Bottle, installed $150.00


Second Seat Package

We offer a second seat option for the Supersport to be used for instructor, family, friends, etc to ride with you.  This is a very narrow seat that bolts into the car on the left side and slightly behind the driver. The Second Seat Package contains all components needed, and includes the seat, seat holder, seat belt eyes, and seat belts. The Second Seat Package is sold as a discount over the We also sell the individual components of the package separately.  Click HERE to be taken to the Cockpit-Second Seat section of the Parts Catalog.


IMG_2234 sm500px

Part # Description Price
A-D004 Second Seat Kit $680.00


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