Development Update

Development has continued on the Supersport and the car has started to exceed our expectations! We have very nearly set the production specifications for the new car. So far, no changes have been made to any basic designs. The car has responded very well to all of our basic modifications including springs, shocks, steering ratio, brake cylinder size, toe, and ride.

The following improvements have been made to the Supersport:


  • Change to Hyperco Springs at USA rates.
  • Change to Woodward steering rack, safety column, and quick release.
  • Change to spec Goodridge USA factory assembled and pressure tested plumbing.
  • Change to smaller Wilwood master cylinders and Wilwood 600 brake fluid.
  • Change to USA developed engine ECU programming.
  • Change to internal fuel cell plumbing to improve fuel delivery at low fuel levels.
  • Change to Aasco Performance lightweight clutch and flywheel package.
  • Refinement of starting chassis set-up.


After a final development session this week, the first of our scheduled test drives will begin here at Willow Springs Raceway. For Test Drive information click HERE.



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